Alina Isabel 

Born in 1994, Alina Isabel Gufler is an artist with a unique vision, shaped by her dual heritage—half German, half Italian.

Under the astrological sign of Virgo, she channels her meticulous and detail-oriented nature into her artistry. Her journey has been marked by spiritual exploration, laying the foundation for a deep connection with authenticity and self-discovery.

As a steadfast advocate for empowering women, her artwork resonates with themes of strength, resilience, and eccentricity. Despite her roots in specific locations, her art captures the universal essence of the human spirit.

A seasoned traveler and versatile artist, she is currently based in Berlin, Germany. This rich tapestry of experiences, including living in various countries such as Italy and Austria, adds layers of cultural influence to her work.

Her accomplishments stem from a commitment to authenticity and the transformative power of creativity. For Alina, art isn’t just a medium—it’s a language that speaks to the core of the human experience. Her spiritual depth and unwavering strength infuse her work with captivating and eccentric energy.